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Company culture and values

Aim at the highest standard

Professionals who have previously worked with Corealis or visited the Corealis facility and met with its employees, will recognize a company that reflects:

  • Professionalism
  • Dedication
  • Expertise in pharmaceutical product development
  • Analytical development
  • Clinical supply manufacturing
  • Technical transfer
  • Submission support

Why Corealis?

All Corealis communications and interactions with clients, consultants, employees, partners, suppliers as well as competitors emphasize the concept that fast, reliable and quality services are attainable and should be provided as standard.

Corealis staff are expected to maintain the utmost professional and “customer first” attitude. This professionalism is reflected in the continued long-term tenure of the team.

A company is only as good as its product, and in the case of Corealis this product is service.

The Corealis approach is to strive to be the best company to work for, aided by the company’s unique culture:

  • In its management style, its team spirit and its working environment;
  • In its capacity to make each individual succeed in their profession, by allowing them to develop their skills, and challenging them professionally;
  • By offering excellent benefits and salary;
  • In the strength, warmth, and solidarity of its employees;
  • In its capacity to combine a strong work ethic with true conviviality.

Corealis employees are expected to:

  • Have a clear vision of the company mission, goals, and values.
  • Have the passion to serve, which has more importance than the actual services being provided.
  • Look at new ways to improve daily activities and not hesitate to share these innovative ideas.
  • Possess an irreproachable ethic: an error is forgivable, but an intentional fault is not.

Our values

Corealis takes the time to listen to the professional and personal problems of employees, with the goal of imparting on them this special spirit and sense of worth which, in turn, can transform the workplace into an environment of personal growth.

Corealis also must impart the following values on its employees:



Understanding and clearly stating what must be done, and then doing it to the best of one’s ability.



Constantly determining how each person can contribute to reinforcing the strengths and the objectives of the team.


Attention to detail

Taking care of each detail as if the very future of the group depends upon it.


Respect for the facts

Never discussing facts (e.g., results, figures, processes performance, quality issues, personal or group behaviors) without supporting evidence of their truth.


Respect teamwork with no compromise

The goal of any action should benefit the team and not a particular individual.


Respect of individuals with no tolerance for non-respect of individual integrity

Any individual, whether a client, consultant, vendor, partner, employee, or visitor will be respected and will not be subject to discrimination and/or harassment (physical and psychological) related to gender, race, religious beliefs, mental health status, disability, and sexual orientation.

Corealis will always promote and respect the individual integrity as well as the domain of responsibility, action, and decision of each employee.


Respect for environmental resources

Any individual must always respect the preservation of the company’s financial and human resources as well as strive to operate in a way that minimizes its environmental footprint and maximizes resource efficiency.

Contact Corealis

Corealis’ experts are ready to answer any queries about the company’s oral solid dose offering, including its development and manufacturing capabilities.