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About Corealis

At Corealis Pharma, our science is solid.

Corealis is a specialist contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) founded in 2005. The company offers a range of services from state-of-the-art facilities in Montreal (Laval), Quebec, Canada and specializes in oral solid dosage (OSD) forms.

The Corealis team provides:

  • Cutting-edge scientific methods and technology, tailored to the client’s specific requirements
  • Expert guidance
  • All the data to support your regulatory filing

The company’s comprehensive in-house services cover every step of the process, to help clients progress their product to the clinic as quickly as possible. These capabilities make Corealis an ideal OSD outsourcing partner.

Why partner with Corealis?

Corealis is different from other drug formulation companies. It uses its expert staff and equipment to complete projects in-house without the need to outsource. In addition, partnering with Corealis allows customers to have full control and management of their project.

Prioritizing clear and consistent communication is key to project success. The company’s experts provide real-time, accurate information, data and documents related to the client project, allowing for informed decision making at all times.

Successful partnerships are built on trust. Open, frank and sometimes difficult conversations must be broached. Through transparent collaboration and subject matter expertise, Corealis is committed to assisting clients in realizing their objectives.

What Corealis offers

Corealis offers experienced personnel, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and best-in-class equipment. There is no “B-team”, – you can be assured that the most knowledgeable and experienced project personnel are assigned to your compound.

At all times, the company remains compliant with American, Canadian and European regulatory standards.

It is important to offer peace of mind and a personalized approach to client service allows Corealis to meet client expectations on even the most challenging projects. The company is flexible and responsive, making tailored adjustments, and if necessary, pivots, in hours, not days, or weeks.

Corealis is proud of the expertise and adaptability that sets it apart from other CDMOs and welcomes any questions or comments about potential partnership opportunities.

Contact Corealis

Corealis’ experts are ready to answer any queries about the company’s oral solid dose offering, including its development and manufacturing capabilities.